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Question for you...

What happens NEXT when you're done servicing clients in your existing offer?

How do you add value for continuous support?

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if you could design an experience to reinforce your next-level client pipeline that holds maximized impact + revenue.

Pair your next-level vision with next-level facilitation.


Ensure when your clients say YES to what is next they experience a seamless and valuable delivery that catapults them into their greatest potential.

I know you have BIG visions for your business. One that includes you operating at your highest level with clients who have already been prequalified for your NEXT.

Yet, how many times have you had to repurpose + rebrand your existing offer in order to scale it? More times than you're willing to admit.

But, before you find yet another way to resell the same offer.

Imagine, in just 90 days you produce your next high-ticket offer that maximizes your success, impact, and revenue.

A service pipeline that allows you to identify your next level access point; and create a clear pathway for your clients to say YES again to your genius.

Your NEXT level of service will deliver compounding results. It will position YOU, the CEO to produce at volume.

If you you're ready to unpack your business vision, and connect with a strategic partner to develop your NEXT level of service

then keep reading 


Here's the problem...

You know that in order to produce your next level of service you need to operate at your highest....

However, you're constantly reinventing the wheel (not to mention the experience + your prices) just to be left asking questions like...

"How else can I service my clients?"

"What are types of next level service?"

"How will I manage a new service?"

"Where do I even begin to flush out my ideas for a next service?"

Can you imagine?

Producing your next level service that maximizes your impact at volume without compromising the experience, or results.

What would happen? Let's take a wise guess.

You'd show up as badass CEO facilitating at your highest level, managing a growing business with confidence, leading a team with precision, all while elevating your client experience.


If you want to produce a VIP experience for the VIPs, I have something for you.



This done-for-you experience that will support you as you reach your next level of service. This experience is designed to reinforce your next-level client pipeline that holds maximized revenue and maximized impact.


Pair your next-level vision with your next-level facilitation so that when your clients say YES to what is next they experience a seamless and valuable delivery that catapults them into their greatest potential. 

Tyaisha helped me to get organized, save time, and save money! Her ability to systemize and create processes is five star! Communication was excellent in regards to project management and professional services. I've seen her in action with events many times. Tyaisha creates a great environment and executes with precision. You can tell she cares about her work and puts in effort to recognize gaps and areas of improvement.

Rachael Turner

Brand Designer & Strategist

Here's how it all breaks down..


An initial in-person VIP Day experience where I meet you on location to understand your business, brand and current offer so that we can thoughtfully create your next-level experience over the next 90 days.

Provide an internal structural plan to be implemented over and over again ensuring your customers are taken care of & your team is ready to execute even after our work is complete.

Integration into your team workstyle and communication to ensure the appropriate players are in place to carry out the mission.

Nurture your clients

continuous  development through a signature

 service pipeline that caters to every touch point in their development. Cement that you are an obvious CHOICE to work with again.

What makes Your Next Level of Service different?

Your Next Level of Service is the first of its kind done-for-you service focused on the buildout of your service pipeline.


It's designed to help Coaches + Course Creators produce services within their business that  support their clients development and allows them to operate at their highest level as the CEO.

Timeout for competing for FIRST place at the bottom.

What do I mean by that?

STOP repackaging and repurposing your existing offers just to create a buzz inorder to scale.


Instead, your focus should be on taking your clients to their NEXT  after NEXT, with a service YOU created just for them.

The end result: An expansive service pipeline that delivers success, impact, results, and revenue at VOLUME!!

Are you ready to buildout an expansive service pipeline that positions you to WOW  your existing clients?  

Leave them  spreading the word about their experience and your brand.

Your Next Level Service Offer

When you signup today, you'll get:

- In-Person VIP Day Strategy Session (valued at $25,000)

- Next High-Ticket Program Development (valued at $15,000)

- Client Experience Map (valued at $10,000)

- Custom SOPs (valued at $10,000)

- Team Delegation + Support (valued at $20,000)

Total Value= $80,000




Wait...there's more!

In addition to everything inside of Your Next Level of Service package. I'm also going to throw in a few EXTRAS to help support you once we're done working together. 

-Offboarding support: Access to Me (your Strategic Partner) up to 30 days after you've been off boarded. 

CEO Resource Library:
- Video tutorials:

  • SOP Development & Training

  • Team Delegation Tips & Trainings

- Next Level of Service Roadmap templates

- Communication Strategy


 Hi, I'm Tyaisha

High-Ticket Producer

I enjoy wine, laughs, french fries, and dogs. It's a great combination if you really think about it.

I'm passionate about working with Coaches & Course Creators at their highest level. This looks like a done-for-you experience designed to reinforce your next-level client pipeline service that maximizes revenue + impact.

I am ready to help you produce your NEXT high-ticket offer. By pairing your vision + team + an expertise to facilitate an experience that catapult your clients to their greatest potential.

Your NEXT, is now! It's time to grow your community, credibility, and cash flow!


You have questions. 

I have answers.

1. What type of next level services do you produce?

4. How much of  the execution + launch process do you support?

Great question! There are 3 next level experience services I partner with you to execute. They are 1:1, mastermind, or retreat event. Together we decide which one to produce next.

2. How long will it take to produce my next level of service?

It will take 90 days to design, implement, and work with your team to execute it. Now, NO new service is alike. It could take additional time, but the project timeframe is confirmed during our initial Strategy VIP Day together.

3. Will I need to hire additional  staff?

The short answer, no. I don't want you to start this process stressing about your team. However, you will need an existing team to streamline the process for seamless results.

As your strategic partner, I'm responsible for the buildout of your next high-ticket offer, including the logistics, client experience, and launch timeline. Throughout the process, I work directly with your team as project lead ensuring everyone understands their role + responsibilities.

Then, I hand the project off for you and your team to launch. 

5. What's involved in the In-Person Strategy VIP Day?

An initial in-person experience where I meet you on location (home, work, or wherever else) to understand your business, brand and current offer so that we can thoughtfully create your next-level experience over the next 90 days.

6. What is the payment process? And, is there a payment plan?

The investment to produce your 'Next Level of Service' offer is $9997 with 50% downpayment prior to booking next steps. Once deposit is submitted and we will book your Strategy VIP Day.

Next, your remaining balance must be paid in full at least 10days before the scheduled in-persona strategy session. The price varies IF traveling outside the U.S.

Still undecided?

This service is a perfect fit for.....

Coaches + Course Creators ready to move existing customer from mid-level offers to their next highest offer that produces maximize revenue + experiences..

Coaches + Course Creators ready to pre-qualify clients to work with them 1:1. The time is now for both you and your clients to perform at a high level.

Coaches + Course Creators ready to unpack the BIG vision they have for their business so they the deliver impact at volume.


Are you ready to produce your NEXT high-ticket offer?

Sign Me Up

Delivering impact at VOLUME!

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