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Question for you?

Are you a Six Figure Woman Coach in your season of expansion, ready to stop chasing new leads, extend your service pipeline in order to secure repeat clients and consistent cash flow?

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if you could elevate your high-ticket offer and pair your next-level vision with your next-level facilitation that WOWs your clients.


If so, you are “My Person” and I’m your PARTNER to deliver a seamless VIP experience to your existing clients. 


I’m talking, seen + served, a nurtured community of existing clients ready to pay you again and again!


I know you desire to scale at volume in your business. 


One, that includes delivering compounding results to your clients. Two, you being your brand’s mouthpiece that captures global recognition. And, doing it all with confidence knowing your business won’t crumble when you’re away.


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Here's the problem...

You have the RIGHT offer + model. Yet, you prefer to entertain lower-ticket offers to scale at volume.

WHY, reach backwards? 


It’s the quickest way to drain your resources and creative mojo. 


It’s time to BUILD UP!


Can you imagine?

Imagine, extending your service pipeline that continuously supports your clients for their NEXT opportunity and they never leave your ecosystem for results. 


Imagine, prequalifying your clients to work with you at your highest level.


Imagine me coming to YOU on-location to build out your next level of service, and not interrupt your workflow.


Imagine a process that typically takes months, sometime even years to complete. You get it done in TWO days.

You get to decide on the type of elevated offer to launch:
- 1:1 session
- Masterclass/ VIP Day
- Retreat Event


A VIP experience for VIPs. 


The CEO Buildup
VIP Experience

Inside The CEO Buildup VIP Experience, we will work together on-location for two days using the: The CEO System for Six Figure Women Coaches to discover your next elevated offer & develop your client experience framework & strategy.

We will then create a business expansion plan that details the journey you take your clients through, meaning your service pipeline.  


I will start by unpacking your vision and reviewing your existing high-ticket offer, which positions you for:


● Client Retention 

● Client Journey Mapping

● Cash Flow Generation 


I will review your existing high-ticket offer to best understand how you service clients currently in order to produce an offer that’s custom to their needs. 


I will design a tailored offer with high-level client experience touchpoints, strategy, and processes that support both, YOU the Woman CEO + Team.


I will provide an internal structural plan to be implemented over and over again ensuring your customers are taken care of & your team is ready to execute even after our work is complete. 


At the end of our TWO days together you will receive Six Figure Business Expansion Plan along with next steps for me to support you throughout your launch. 


When you signup today, you'll get:

- CEO Vision Strategy Session 

- Evaluation + Audit for current offer 

- Existing Offer Report Card 

- Elevated Offer Implementation Plan 

- Enhanced Client Experience Plan

- Team Integration + Project Management

-SOPs & Processes Manual

- 90 Day Pre-Launch Support

Are you ready, to partner together to elevate your existing offer into an enhanced client experience that builds a SQUAD of loyal clients inside your community primed to pay you again and again!

I'm talking about leaving your clients spreading the word about their experience and your brand.

And, the bonus YOU get operate at your highest level! 

The CEO Buildup
Valued at: $ix Figures

The investment for The CEO Buildup VIP Experience is $10,000 with a deposit of $5000 to secure your spot. The remaining balance can be split into two payments, $2500. Or,  paid in full.

Tyaisha helped me to get organized, save time, and save money! Her ability to systemize and create processes is five star! Communication was excellent in regards to project management and professional services. I've seen her in action with events many times. Tyaisha creates a great environment and executes with precision. You can tell she cares about her work and puts in effort to recognize gaps and areas of improvement.

Rachael Turner

Brand Designer & Strategist

What makes The CEO Buildup different?

The CEO Buildup is done-for-you service focused on the buildout of your service pipeline.


It's designed to help Six Figure Woman Coaches + Course Creators produce services within their business that  support their clients development and allows them to operate at their highest level as the CEO.

Long GONE are the days of you launching another lower ticket offer to attract new clients and generate cash flow.



You'll soon hit a wall once you realize you don't have the bandwidth, and it's takes you in a different direction.

Instead, your focus should be on taking your clients to their NEXT  after NEXT, with a service YOU created just for them.

The end result: An expansive business model that delivers

success, impact, results, and revenue at VOLUME!!


Wait...there's more!

In addition to everything inside of The CEO Buildup package. There are a few EXTRAS to make our time together that much more special!

- Private office suite

- Continental breakfast + lunch provided

- Transportation car service

- CEO gift box (it's a surprise)


 Hi, I'm Tyaisha

High-Ticket Producer

I enjoy wine, laughs, french fries, and dogs. It's a great combination if you really think about it.

I'm passionate about working with Six Figure Women Coaches & Course Creators at their highest level. I can relate to having the right baseline offer that you need help optimizing.

This looks like building up. The next steps & horizon for income and business expansion.


I hold a MBA in Project Management. I've spent my professional career structuring and implementing projects big and small. My professional DNA consist of logistics, organization, and client experience. 

I am ready to help you produce your NEXT high-ticket offer to facilitate an experience that catapult your clients to their greatest potential.

Your NEXT, is now!


It's time to grow your community, credibility, and cash flow!


You have questions. 

I have answers.

1. What type of next level services do you produce?

Great question! There are 3 next level experience services I partner with you to execute. They are 1:1, mastermind, or retreat event. Together we decide which one to produce next.

2. How long will it take to produce my elevated offer?

It will take TWO days to outline and structure your elevated high-ticket offer. This time also includes implementing your team into the process so that key players understand their roles. Once we wrap you'll receive 90 day pre-launch support. 

3. Will I need to hire additional  staff?

The short answer, No. Ahead of the VIP day I review your team roles + responsibilities to ensure they can streamline the process for seamless results. However, as we work through the launch you may discover where you might need to hire. 

4. How much much work is required of me,  prior to in-person VIP day?

Great question! In order to maximize our time together there is intake form + questionnaire to complete. Next, the CEO Vision Strategy Session is held virtually so that we're clear on your next elevated offer when we meet on-location.

5. What's involved in the In-Person Strategy VIP Day?

Day one, is dedicated to building out systems, structure, and enhanced client experience for your new offer.  Day two, your team joins us. Either in-person or virtually so that they learn their roles, provide feedback to prepare for launch.

What is the payment breakdown? Are there payment plans?

The total investment for The CEO Buildup is $10k, with a deposit of $5k to secure your spot. The remaining balance must be paid in full 2weeks prior to strategy session. You have the option to split into 2 payments or pay in full. 

Still undecided?

This service is a perfect fit for.....

Six Figure Women Coaches + Course Creators ready to move existing customer from mid-level offers to their next highest elevated offer that produces maximize revenue + experiences..

Six Figure Women Coaches + Course Creators ready to pre-qualify clients to work with them in a more hands-on custom way. 

Six Figure Women Coaches + Course Creators ready to unpack the BIG vision they have for their business so they the deliver impact at volume.


Are you ready to produce your NEXT elevated high-ticket offer?


Enhance your offer.
Enhance your client experience
Exceed last's months profits.

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