Question for you...


What if you could restructure your alumni membership community, boost enrollment and engagement in the span of ONE month?

Yes, I'm ready!

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if you could alleviate the pressure of always being "ON" social media to market your business and grow profits.

Honestly, how does that sound?!

I know it's exhausting in the internet streets chasing clients and changing algorithms to attract dream clients. How many times have you had to switch up what you're doing in order to scale? More times than you're willing to admit. 

But, before you cancel your alumni membership community.

Imagine, in just ONE month you could streamline your process that continues to generate you money long after you've created it.

A process that allows you to eliminate conversion roadblocks and create a clear pathway for your students to say YES to your alumni community.

Because, your alumni community is an extension of how you service your clients with excellence and keeps them loyal for future services.

If you want to learn how to create an alumni membership community that actually converts.

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Here's the problem...

You know that in order to have a successful alumni community, you need a process...

However, you're constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like...

"How do I boost engagement?"

"How do I promote it?"

"Are my students benefiting?"

"Where do I begin to restructure my alumni community?"

Can you imagine?

Having an alumni membership community that converts, AND profits...without the 24/7 grind, overwhelm or overthinking.

What would happen? Let's take a wise guess.

You'd show up as badass CEO delegating task, managing team with confidence, all while elevating your client experience.


If you want to learn how to make your alumni community profitable, I have something for you.



A done-for-you service designed for coaches ready to leverage their alumni community to eliminate profit roadblocks and create high conversion rates.

We get this done by implementing my signature 3-part framework.

Tyaisha helped me to get organized, save time, and save money! Her ability to systemize and create processes is five star! Communication was excellent in regards to project management and professional services. I've seen her in action with events many times. Tyaisha creates a great environment and executes with precision. You can tell she cares about her work and puts in effort to recognize gaps and areas of improvement.

Rachael Turner

Brand Designer & Strategist

Here's how it all breaks down..


Complete breakdown of my signature 3-part framework that structures your client journey, and boost engagement. Leave you questioning why you haven't been nurturing the alumni community all along!

Action steps to elevate client experience with a tailored communications plan so that you consistently serve with excellence.

Discover process workflows to unlock profit roadblocks hindering you from converting more students, growing your team, and working less.

Nurture your students ongoing development through our signature client journey map. Build trust and be an obvious CHOICE to work with again.

What makes The P.A.C System different?

The Profitable Alumni Community System is the first of its kind done-for-you service that teaches Sales & Marketing Coaches how to seemlessly convert students from coaching program into alumni membership community.

The end result: A thriving alumni community that connects your students with access and resources they need for lasting impact.

Are you ready to restructure your alumni community, boost engagement so that you push past profit roadblocks?

 The Profitable Alumni Community System!

When you signup today, you'll get:

- Alumni Audit Report Card  (valued at $4000)

- Client Journey Map (valued at $3500)

- Client Experience & Engagement Strategy (valued at $2500)

- Workflow SOPs + Quality Measures (valued at $3500)

- Communications Plan (valued at $4000)

Total Value= $17500




Wait...there's more!

In addition to everything inside of the Profitable Alumni Community. I'm also going to throw in several BONUSES to help support you once we're done working together. 

CEO Resource Library:
- Video tutorials (Ex; How to develop SOPs)
- Alumni Community Evaluation Guide
- Engagement Game plan Strategy Guide
- Communication Plan + Schedule Template
- Quality Metrics Guide
- Content Creation Braindump Worksheet
- Marketing Promotions Calendar

 Hi, I'm Tyaisha

Profit Roadblock Strategist 

Nice to meet you!

I'm Tyaisha and I can't wait to cheer you on as you revamp your alumni community.

After working behind-the-scenes with online business coaches for 3 years, I've mastered the formula for mapping out streamlined processes that engages clients and converts them into clients.

To often coaches are launching and soon neglecting their alumni community because they lack processes to sustain it.

I spent over 5 years in corporate as a Project Manager to help large organizations map out their processes.

And, I can't wait for you to learn my techniques and framework I've created to help you convert more students without spending more time, money, or resources to get it done.

It's why you have ME!


You have questions. 

I have answers.

1. How will this increase my profits?

You will now have a streamline process to enroll students, keep them engaged, and step-by-step structure to measure quality.

2. Why perform an alumni community

You launched your alumni membership to further your connection + impact with your clients by keeping them inside your community. But, how do you know whether or not you're meeting expectations if you have evaluated it since you launched.

4. Will this require more team hours to execute?

No, quite the opposite. I'll be setting up all your backend system processes, client journey maps, along with strategy for engagement. You will just need to delegate team members to monitor and adjust when necessary.

5. Do you offer payment plans

Given this is a done-for-you service completed in one day, there is no payment plan available. However, you do have the option to split into two payments. The first half is paid when you book, and the remainder is due 3 days before VIP Day.

3. What if my alumni community has been inactive?

It's okay if your alumni community has been inactive. We would start by uncovering the various layers to your membership, and start plugging  in the gaps so that you engage your community.

6. How does VIP Day work?

First, you're receive pre-work  workbook that allows me to get started ahead of time (cuts turnaround time down).


Then we kickoff the VIP Day on video conferencing to discuss my  initial findings, answer questions, and discuss what happens next. Then, I'll free you for the next 4-5 hours to complete work or relax while I build out your alumni community membership.


You'll receive notification when it's time for use to resume and review work.

Still undecided?

This service is a perfect fit for you if.....

Coaches who already have an alumni membership community. Who wants a process game plan to enroll students month after month.

Coaches ready to properly nurture their students right NOW. No more delaying quality measures in your business.

Coaches who are tired of "doing the most" not generating real profits. You want a scalable offer and streamlined client experience to ensure students win!


Are you ready to create a high converting alumni community?



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